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WSDL error on newly installed community edition

Started by avector, April 20, 2015, 04:46:13 am

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I have installed KonaKart community edition on linux 32b.
This is the administration application for KonaKart.
It allows you to maintain and configure your online store.
KonaKart Engine Version = (built 2:13PM 19-Mar-2015 GMT)
Run Time Info:
Mode = 0, StoreId = store1
Customers Shared = No, Products Shared = No, Categories Shared = No
KonaKart Admin Client Version =

Then I have activated SOAP web services with
C:\Program Files\KonaKart\custom>.\bin\ant enableWebServices

Then restarted it and tried to get wsdl on



Admin's web services wsdl has displayed correctly, but on services wsdl I got the following error:

AXIS error

Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... here are the details:

Fault - ; nested exception is:
   org.apache.axis.InternalException: java.lang.Exception: Couldn't find a matching Java operation for WSDD operation "custom" (2 args)

faultCode: {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/}Server.userException
faultString: org.apache.axis.InternalException: java.lang.Exception: Couldn't find a matching Java operation for WSDD operation "custom" (2 args)

As I didn't change anything in the installed application I suppose that this is either configuration problem or bug in application.

Could you please help me with this?


I have made a workaround of this problem by specifying wsdl file in webapps/konakart/server-config.wsdd:

<service name="KKWebServiceEng" provider="java:RPC" style="rpc" use="encoded">
      <parameter name="wsdlTargetNamespace" value="http://ws.konakart.com"/>
      <parameter name="wsdlServiceElement" value="KKWSEngIfService"/>
      <parameter name="schemaUnqualified" value="http://wsapp.konakart.com,http://ws.konakart.com"/>
      <parameter name="wsdlServicePort" value="KKWebServiceEng"/>
      <parameter name="className" value="com.konakart.ws.KKWebServiceEngSoapBindingSkeleton"/>
      <parameter name="wsdlPortType" value="KKWSEngIf"/>
      <parameter name="typeMappingVersion" value="1.2"/>
      <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*"/>

<!-- External WSDL for Axis -->

May be it can be needed to someone. I have taken wsdl from demo application on konakart.com. Anyway this is just a workaround I suppose axis must generate wsdl by itself.


The error message you got is consistent with not actually running the ANT task successfully.

The message is what you would get if you had not run any ANT task at all.

After running the ANT task:

C:\Program Files\KonaKart\custom>bin\ant enableWebServices
Buildfile: C:\Program Files\KonaKart\custom\build.xml
Trying to override old definition of task javac

     [echo] Allow all methods in WSDD files:

Total time: 0 seconds

You should notice that the server-config.wsdd files (in the konakart and konakartadmin webapps) should have been modified.


or, maybe you didn't restart tomcat after you ran the ANT task?