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Google Analytics

Started by sfsylz, March 29, 2007, 06:40:20 pm

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I am looking at using Google Analytics on my site. I am using the Junior version of Worldpay. I would like to track the customers accross the Worldpay pages and back to my site.  I know that I need to add some javascript call to either the header.jsp or footer.jsp, but in order to continue tracking the customer accross the worldpay pages I think that I need to use something like this:

<form action="http://newdomain.com/form.cgi"; onSubmit="javascript:__utmLinkPost(this)">

from the confirm checkout page to the Worldpay payment pages. Is there a way to incorporate an onSubmit or javascript in the one of the modules when doing a post?

I'm more than a bit stumped on this one.



Hi Steve,

The actual jsp used to do the post to the external gateway is called CatalogCheckoutExternalPaymentBody.jsp . I assume that you can add your javascript by adding an onSubmit to the form in this jsp.

Hope this helps,



That looks like it will work!