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Payu module - Need to be checked

Started by pooja, March 02, 2015, 05:02:53 am

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I have integrated a payment module viz. Payu. Its a Browser_payment_gateway. So I pass required information along with 'sessionId' as one of the custom parameters in the request and I get it back in the response from Payu. When a user  gets redirected from payu to my site, I want to show an order confirmation message depending on the status. That's why I am passing sessionId to maintain a user session.
    However, many times I get a failure and user gets redirected to the login page , sometimes it fails in checkSession(), sometimes in loginBySession or after that. I am not able to understand what is going wrong here.
    So I had posted a question and I was asked to share the module to test it. (Reference: http://www.konakart.com/forum/index.php/topic,1995.msg7650.html#msg7650)

Can anybody please help/guide me with this issue? I am stuck. Badly need some help.
Thank you in advance.


I wanted to reproduce your problem but can't get it to run at all. Can you provide some instructions as to how anyone can run what you just submitted? It seems to be missing all variables required to configure the gateway.