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Paypal IPN Problem

Started by pipon, February 11, 2015, 07:43:53 am

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Hi, when konakart sends the information to paypal needs a Callback User created in konakart to validate IPN callback message from paypal.

Konakart sends a token uuid obtained from the user in the "custom" field to paypal.

If the payment process works correctly at the first time, the IPN is register in konakart correctly, but not returns to the url_return set, it returns to /logIn.action

If the payment process does NOT work at the first time, the IPN is registered with the corresponding error, this is correct.
The problem comes when after some checks by paypal, possibly a few hours or days later, paypal reports that the payment is correct and sends another IPN message.

In that case, though paypal returns the custom field (uuid) ok, the IPN message is not registered in konakart, giving the following error:
"The SSOToken from the PayPal callback is null"

Maybe once register the first IPN message the token is deleted in database ?????
SSOTokenIf token = kkAppEng.getEng().getSSOToken(uuid, /* deleteToken */true);

If so, how can I get a second or third or fourth IPN message from paypal ????

Thank you