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Multi-Valued Facets in version

Started by florinex, January 19, 2015, 07:10:48 am

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I'm using version and I need to know if there is a problem with the Multi-Valued Facets in this version. I created it just like in http://www.konakart.com/docs/FacetedSearching.html and in the storefront application displayed only the first value. I have 16 values for my tag group and it dispayed 16 times the same value that is the first value. Could you help me, please, with this problem? I need it very urgent!


We aren't aware of any problems in this area. What I suggest is for you to take a look of how we set up facets after a default installation. The DVD Movies >> Action category contains facets for refining the search.



Thank you Julie for the feedback. I tested the standard facets for refining the search and it's ok, my problem is with multi-valued facets like in the docs example with Color (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red) when I have to create a tag group for every value of the Color, first field from the tag group with Color for all and the second with every value (like Yellow, Blue, Green or Red). I re-created for many times and it display the same value (the first value).
Could you help me, please, with this problem if there is a problem with multi-valued facets?
Thank you!


Have you given each color a different facet number ? e.g Yellow custom attribute and tag group = 13, Blue custom attribute and tag group = 14 etc.

I've just gone through the steps in the documentation and it works for me. The fact that it displays only one color multiple times could be because all of the colors are attempting to use the same facet field in Solr.