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Manual Installaion on Linux

Started by KunwarSingh, December 21, 2014, 06:52:51 pm

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I have Virtual Private Server with Linux OS and Java and Tomcat installed.

Now I am using Konakart zip intallation (i.e. Manual Installation )

1.  Create db on mysql and load Database
2.  Copy the duplicated jar files
3.  Set database parameters
4.  create war and then Deploy War file on tomcat/webapps

I dont understand step -- please help how to do that


If you are new to KonaKart, my advice is to start off using the installer.


Using installer Konakart app and admin app are running perfectly fine .

But I have Virtual Private Server and it has Linux cmd only no gui.

So please help regarding manual installation


Look in the User Guide at the description of the use of the silent mode installation which you can run at the command line.  An example is provided.