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How to completely delete a store?

Started by sdabet, January 06, 2015, 09:43:02 am

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I would need to delete a store and create a fresh new one with the same store ID.

The "Delete" button in the "Store maintenance" panel marks the store as deleted but it remains in the database and it's impossible to create a new store with the same ID.

Is there a way to actually remove a store from Konakart database?


I'm not sure I understand why you don't just use the store that already has the storeId that you want?

By the way;  I believe your company has a support contract.  Please write to support@konakart.com for faster responses on this subject.


I need to recreate this store by cloning another one, that's why I need to delete it. Or is there alternative solution to achieve that?


You can start the store cloning process by first removing the row from kk_store with the storeId concerned but this doesn't remove all the data orginally associated with the storeId so proceed with caution.   You may find it easier to set the data you require for that storeId by using a custom program that uses the KonaKart KKAdminIf APIs.  That would be the approach I would recommend.