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How do I configure Konakart to show the Card Owner on the payment page?

Started by interition, October 15, 2014, 05:00:40 pm

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I am using the Paypal Payflow Pro payment module. All works fine but the choice of Credit Card and the Card owners name is not shown on the payment form.

I notice in the CatalogCheckoutCreditCardBody.jsp there are some conditional statements for this:

<%if (pd.isShowOwner()) {%>
   <div class="form-input">
      <label><kk:msg  key="checkout.cc.ccowner"/></label>
    <input type="text" value="<%=order.getCustomerName()%>" name="owner"/>

Where in the configuration can you influence pd.isShowOwner() to return true ?


So as not to leave this thread hanging without a conclusion I'll just state that I did not solve this problem directly. I implemented a work around in the page myself by simply having  a link back to the order confirmation page where the card owner information could be verified and edited if needed by the Customer.


Typically you would set those payment details attributes in the module code... so in your case, in com.konakart.bl.modules.payment.payflowpro.PayflowPro.java

Default settings in that module are:

       // Set the fields that should be visible in the UI when gathering Credit Card details
        pDetails.setShowType(false); // Payflow Pro doesn't require the card type