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price calculation calculation coming wrong in the cart

Started by bharatkasodariya, August 13, 2014, 03:49:24 pm

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Price calcualation is misleading for different decimal point on frontend and admin.

Here is the scenario

Admin is set with 5 decimal point for the product. and frontend(currency) is set with price 2 decimal to display.

ItemX is set with price 3.22228 in admin. On frontend its displayed as 3.22.
Now user adds quanity 45, it becomes 145(3,22228x45). As per frontend displayed price it should be 144.90(3.22x45).  How to fix it so frontend decimal can be considered for the line item price calculation in cart.
It can confuse the customer in terms of calcuation how to resolve it.



Tried both option getting the same result for the given scenario.
you can verify it on demo site.