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Konakart and Magnolia 5.2.1 integration

Started by kblom, January 21, 2014, 03:59:50 pm

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I'm integrating Konakart with Magnolia 5.2.1 and I'm trying to convert the Headwire integration to struts2.

However, I can't find the classes located in the com.konakart.forms and com.konakart.plugins packages. These were used by the Headwire integration through struts1. Google told me they some of them were located in konakart_custom.jar, but I cannot find them in the latest release.

Should I not use them anymore with struts2?
If so, could you please explain how to implement Search by manufacturer with struts2?

The Headwire integration also referenced the onepagecheckout, but that also doesn't seem to be included in anymore.

Could anyone help me resolve these dependencies?


the integration for the earlier versions of Konakart and Magnolia was really just a combination of the two war files into one. You should only need the classes found in the new versikon of konakart.