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Best route to production

Started by xtian, November 26, 2013, 06:32:45 pm

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what do you think is the best way to go from the downloaded community edition to a fully configured production system?
- do you upload the demo database and remove by hand all demo data, or do you start from an empty database (in which case, how do you insert the console admin user to start with?)
- do you install the full konakart distribution on the production server, and later transfer the customized files (.properties, .jsp, etc.), or is it better to install just the war files made with the provided ant task?

Thank you


I'd say that a good approach is to maintain dev, pre-prod and production environments and to use database tools to easily move data between the databases and scripts to move the webapps.

  • Use the installer to install KK with the demo database in a development env.

  • Remove demo products and add your own. This may involve writing an importer against the KK APIs if you have 1000s of products and you want to automate the process.

  • Customize KK to match your requirements and styling. e.g. Make your modifications to the storefront app, configure / add payment and shipping modules, modify eMail templates etc.

  • Do some load tests and user acceptance tests before going into production.


I started from a fresh konakart installation and removed all products and some languages, adding a missing one.
The result has been an inconsistent database and erroneous behavior both in the client and in the console:
- all product images have been kept both in the filesystem and the database
- all order statuses have been kept in the database, for the languages that have been deleted
- I was getting an obscure exception when placing an order, because of the "dirty" order status table which I had to clean by hand
- the console didn't show any order status ad all, before I cleaned it removing the rows for the deleted languages
- I currently can't change the image of a product I have inserted, with no error being reported

Have I stumbled into some bug or is it just me having these problems?

Thank you


Just to give a complete picture: I removed the old product images from the filesystem by hand, so the reason I can't change the new product images now might be related to this.