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Checkout without registration

Started by lowfier, September 19, 2013, 12:01:20 pm

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Hi All,

I am using version 6.5.1 and i was trying the checkout without registartion feature. When this setting is true anyone who tries to register on the store can only add delivery details and is not asked for password as it was supposed to. The store treats every user as a no registration even if someone decides to register. Is it a bug or is it this way by design?



I confirm that in this still happens: when you click "checkout", you are directed to a registration page that doesn't contain a login form as one would expect.
I guess we have to implement it ourselves  ;)


December 05, 2013, 04:43:51 pm #2 Last Edit: December 05, 2013, 06:04:18 pm by trevor
Why would you expect a login form if you are trying to checkout and you haven't logged in yet and you allow checkout without registration? Surely it makes more sense to allow customers to checkout by entering their address details? If a customer wants to login he can click the "MyAccount" link.

If you want to let a customer choose to either:

  • Login

  • Register

  • Checkout without registering

all you need to do is to introduce a new page rather than assuming that the customer just wants to checkout without registering. It really depends on how you expect your target customer to act and on how many steps you want to make the checkout process.


What I'd like to see when I "enable checkout without registration" is the possibility for users to... well... checkout without registration if they want to.
So they should see a page with an optional form for checkout details, an optional form for login and an optional button for registration.
Currently they just see the checkout form and (far on top) a "My Account" link that doesn't say neither "login here" nor "register".
Quite confusing.
Luckily we can fix that  ;)


That's because in your application you want to allow customers to register and  login. Not everyone does.

Anyway, as you point out it's very simple to customize the OTB UI to match your requirements.