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Multi-Store functionality

Started by Charles, August 29, 2013, 09:39:05 am

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Hello, i'm intrested in the Enterprise Version and have a question regarding the Multi-Store functionality.
I want to offer my onlineshop-customers to choose on my main-page between x different stores in the country. It should happen almost autamticly. The customer should typing in its ziop-code, and get the answer which shop delivers in his field, and then select one of the shops.

My question: is this functionality provided in multi-shop and is the administration of the delivery-are from the shops already included?

I'm looking forward to the answer. Thank you very much




Having multiple stores and switching visitors between those stores is fine.   You can get them to select the store or use some kind of location finding software to make that automatic... but you probably always need to allow the manual selection.   This automatic location finding software is not in the Enterprise version at present. 

The various stores can offer different products, different prices, different shipping services, different payment gateways etc.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "administration of the delivery".   Normally the KonaKart part of the process ends at the creation of the order which is often sent to a fulfilment system for further processing once the order reaches a certain definable state.   The order (which can be communicated in many ways (e.g., as XML over on a Message Queue, or via any APIs your ERP/Fulfilment system might have) contains all the information you would need to ship the goods such as the store details, customer details, product details etc).   Typically the fulfilment system would then communicate back to KonaKart (using KonaKart's Admin APIs) to update the status of the order so that the shopper can see this status from the storefront.


hello ming, thank you for your answer.
my idea was to let the customer fill in a zip-code and konakart shows the customer, which shop delivers in this area.
so it must be possible to administrate this areas (the delivery areas) for each shop