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Konakart Community Portlet

Started by jduke128, March 24, 2013, 11:35:44 am

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Hello , i have liferay portal installed on my webserver.
But for making "low cost" , i've opened liferay instances for my websites.
All of my 3 websites shares 1 liferay portal.
I wanted to install konakart for all my 3 websites for payment system.

But konakart community edition has limitation as i heard.
I cant put separate my 3 websites items.

To do it i need enterprise edition.
But the pricing of enterprise is very very very expensive for me now.
Maybe later i can think for that.

My question is ;
Can i put 3 portal websites with separate product each on community edition ?

Sorry my english is not so good.

Site 1 will sell orange
Site 2 will sell apple
Site 3 will sell banana
Each of them is same Liferay portal with different portal instances.
Possible on community edition?
( Security is not important , all pages are mine )


If I understand you correctly there is nothing to stop you running three separate KonaKart Community Edition instances - one for its own set of products.   You would have to create 3 uniquely-named portlets - each would have a different database associated with it - defined in the respective properties files.

When running the Community Edition all we ask is that you leave the "Powered By KonaKart" link back to http://www.konakart.com/ as specified in the license agreement - http://www.konakart.com/downloads/license


 three separate KonaKart Community Edition ?
I cant do it on 1 Konakart Community Edition ?


possibly, but I don't understand your requirement clearly enough.

can you set values in custom fields of your products and use those to decide which products to show in each store?


Three konakart instance consumes much memory and cpu on server i think.
This is too awful.
Why its impossible on one instance konakart ?