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Session Expired

Started by DispatchMediaGroup, September 06, 2012, 05:22:30 pm

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I have a specific "power user" account that's set up to allow its user to only run reports within the admin portal.

Recently, that login account does not let the suer run any report, and instead displays the 'Session Expired" page.  I've researched this a bit, and I can see that back at v5.3, the app was altered to check for a non-expired session before running a report for a user.

Well, I've logged this account out, shut down the server, deleted all records from the kk_sso, kk_cookie, and the sessions tables, but to no avail: the exact same issue persists.

I am able to log in as a different user and successfully run any report.  Looking in the logs, I'm not seeing any major (or minor, for that matter) indications as to the cause of this issue.  The only thing I see in the logs that may be of use is a Severe error for the birt webapp not releasing threads correctly.  However, I feel like I remember this log line, and I don't think it's related, especially since I can run a report from another user.

Any idea as to why this is occurring, or how I might get around it?


No one else has experienced this or has any ideas about it?

I've also created brand new users with new email addresses, etc., and this problem still persists for the new accounts as well.