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Liferay, SEO, and the portlet

Started by rpk3113, November 23, 2012, 03:01:50 pm

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I'm currently in the process of evaluating KonaKart. We're looking for the ability to utilize KonaKart as a portlet within a Liferay based website. One of the biggest issues that I am seeing during this evaluation is that the direction path for the communication within the URL will completely kill SEO.

When we start up Konkart outside of a portlet setting, we see SEO friendly URLs.

Has anyone developed or found a way to handle the product communication SEO output within portlets so that it isn't a collection of randomized parameters and is more indicative of the product and category (like out of the box KonaKart)?


As far as I'm aware, SEO friendly URLs can be added to any Liferay portlets including KonaKart portlets. I'm not sure how to do it, although I imagine any Liferay expert should be able to advise you.


We are experiencing currently the same Problem, have you found any Fix/workaround for this?