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Konakart Admin Portlet is not display in Liferay

Started by ptgiang56, February 04, 2016, 04:06:13 pm

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Hi everyone,

I am integrating konakart liferay portlet (Liferay 6.2.3 + KonaKart 8.0).
I have successfully integrated the konakart, both KonaKart portlet and KonaKart Admin portlets.

KonaKart Storefront is working fine, but KonaKart Administration is show empty portlet and also not show error message anywhere. Please can any one help me on this.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately that was a problem with v8.0.0.0.  It's fixed in v8.1.0.0 which will be released next week.

If I were you I would run the Admin App outside Liferay for now and then, if you really want to, run v8.1.0.0 Admin App inside Liferay.


Thank you for help. I'm waiting for next released.