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Custom properties file for different environments

Started by anujbatra2788, October 21, 2012, 10:05:54 am

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I am trying to create different properties file to configure different values for different environments.
like dev, test and prod will have different database url's

I have been successful for modifying it for e-commerce app but not for admin app.

In e-comerce app i am setting the environment at JVM args of app server and loading the struts config.xml like struts-config-${environment}.xml
but I am unable to find such a thing for admin app. Can you please advice how can I do so for admin app.

2. Also is it possible that I can place orders through admin app(built in) or I have to develop this custom functionality on my own ?


A lot more flexibility is provided in the next release for configuring different properties files for different environments.  (Next major release probably due out next February)

There's no Struts in the Admin App so no equivalent there.

For now I would just ensure that you populate the appropriate values in your konakart.properties and konakartadmin.properties files when in each environment.  You should be able to automate the installation of these?

You can place an order from the Admin App by "logging in as a user" - You select a user then log in to the Storefront Application and create your order following the same path the user would.