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SQL Server Express 2008 Setup

Started by jdsilva, December 07, 2011, 04:59:57 pm

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I'm trying to setup KonaKart to work with SQL Server Express 2008 Setup and getting connection refused.  I'm sure it's to do with improper config but I don't know the correct properties to use.

In my konakart.properties and konakartadmin.properties files I have the following properties:

torque.database.store1.adapter             = mssql
torque.dsfactory.store1.connection.driver  = net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver
#torque.dsfactory.store1.connection.url     = jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://localhost:1433/<My_database_name>;SelectMethod=cursor
torque.dsfactory.store1.connection.user    = <my_username>
torque.dsfactory.store1.connection.password= <my_password>

I have not tried to change the port the server is listening on; it is left to the default port.  I am also sure the server is running as I can query the DB schema created from the konokart demo SQL script.

Can anyone assist me?



You should look at the log to see what type of exception your are getting. That may give you some clues.


It's often a good idea to use the installer to specify your DB credentials because the connection is checked during the wizard process.   Once the installer checks the credentials are OK and proceeds with the rest of the installation it will set these values in your properties files automatically.


I was able to get it running with Oracle 10g Express.  When I tried SQL Server 2008 again with the setup exe, I was still unsuccessful.


I just want to reassure you that KonaKart works fine with MS SQL Server - we test on many versions including 2008 and 2012.   You just need to figure out why your MS SQL Server isn't accessible to KonaKart.   Can't you figure out what's wrong by looking at the exceptions?  Does it show a SQL State error that you can look up in Google?