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Some shipping methods for one order

Started by Manu, November 17, 2011, 12:06:30 pm

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Is it possible to have for a same order some shipping method ?

For example I want to order two products and one of these has a weight greater than XX Kg.
One product will be sent to the customer's house, and for the second he has to come to a physical store to get it.

And is it possible to define a default shipping method for each product or for each categories ?



You can customize any of the provided shipping modules or provide your own. i.e. The shipping module, when called, has a copy of the order and can make any decision based on the contents of the order. It can also return multiple order totals, each of which specifies a charge.



If I want some shipping methods for an unique order, do I have to create some Order objects which have their own shipping method ? Or can I add some shippingQuotes to the Order for a list of ordered products ? (For example an order with three products, i would like to have pickupinstore for product#1, and flat rate for product #2 and product#3).

It looks that in database all shipping infos are stored in orders table and one order has only one shipping method.

Thanks.  ;)