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Digital Download not working in Demo site?

Started by BruceLee, November 09, 2007, 05:50:11 pm

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November 09, 2007, 05:50:11 pm Last Edit: November 09, 2007, 05:52:22 pm by BruceLee
Dear Team,

I'm very interested in the new Digital Download feature in However, it appears not working in KonaKart Demo site.

I cannot see a download link or even 'download' it after I order software "Unreal Tournament
  - Version: Download: Windows - English". Though there is an option to choose Download version before checkout.

If I install KK, do I need a real working payment gateway to test this feature? It's not practical for us since we have not signed with any payment gateway before release.

Is the download link just regular URL pointing to a file e.g. my.pdf? Is any secure download supported?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Bruce,

You will never see the download link in the demo site because you cannot pay for an order there. The way that it works and can be configured is explained here http://www.konakart.com/configurationfaq.php#How_can_i_configure_dig_down . We supply an image to show you what it looks like since you can't see it from the demo http://www.konakart.com/images/digDownload.png .

If I install KK, do I need a real working payment gateway to test this feature?

The code that sets up the digital download is in com.konakart.bl.OrderIntegrationMgr for which you have the source code. In the method changeOrderStatus() there is the following code:
        if (newStatus == OrderMgr.PAYMENT_RECEIVED_STATUS)
i.e. If the new status of the order is OrderMgr.PAYMENT_RECEIVED_STATUS then it sets up the digital downloads. If you want to see this for testing purposes for when say the order is saved, you can call manageDigitalDownloads() from the saveOrder() method of the OrderIntegrationMgr.

Is the download link just regular URL pointing to a file e.g. my.pdf?

No, it is secure. You have all of the source code in com.konakart.actions.DigitalDownloadAction . The way that it works is that a logged in user has to click on the link of the product that he wants to download (http://www.konakart.com/images/digDownload.png ). A check is made that the product actually exists in the list of products that the customer is authorized to download (this list is set up when the order is paid for using the manageDigitalDownloads() method described above). If the product is one that the user can download and it hasn't expired etc. then the file is opened and written to the servlet output stream.




Thank Trevor for helpful response. I have concern,
If we implement our own DigitalDownload page, can we just use DigitalDownloadIf and put the filepath on page for user to download? We want to allow user to use other HTTP speedy downloading tools.



Hi Bruce,

All you need to do is to edit com.konakart.actions.DigitalDownloadAction to use the download mechanism that you prefer. As you mention, you can still use DigitalDownloadIf to get the required details about the file to download.




hi everyone,

is it at all possible to enable a download if the whole order consisted of digital AND physical products? because in that case the digital download shipping module is (of course)  not available, but I don't know if that the one that enables the download link ... ?



Hi Anni,

Yes, Digital Downloads do work if the order is mixed.