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Get CurrentCustomer

Started by Manu, October 27, 2011, 02:10:14 pm

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In this case you don't really need a third party application. What you need is for the KK Mgr to be able to call some Liferay service to check to see whether the user's session is still active or whether he has logged out from Liferay.


I'm totally lost  :'(

For the moment,  when my hook detects a login event, it calls my UserService class which call the eng.login() method and I get the sessionId. Like this :

I use all provided code (no SecurityManager and no LoginIntegration)

I don't know what I have to do with the sessionId to share it with KonaKart portlet. I've tried to put it in the HttpSession but i don't know where use it with the konakart portlet.

Every precise help will be appreciate. Do I have to use differents SecurityManager and LoginIntegration in my Liferay Hook and my KonaKart portlet (and so differents konakart_custom.jar) ? How to log in customer in the konakart portlet from the event in the hook ?

Sorry for all my posts  :-[