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Konakartadmin - CUSTOM Client communications

Started by dnavarro, November 08, 2011, 03:18:09 pm

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  I  would like to send a Newsletter with products information like images, price, name.... and just writing their product IDs in the Template Text.

  I have reimplemented the "SendTemplateEmailToCustomers1.java" class to read the "String message" from the Marketing > Client Communications, and then parse it content to write a custom (velocity) template

  Now, I've followed the the Konakart_User_Guide "Modifying an Existing API call", so:

...but my code hasn't been used (doesn't print a simple System.out.println).

What am I forgetting?.

I didn't understand the point "2. Add our customizations to GetCustomerForId.java".  ¿I need to change another class?.