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Call SelectCat.do... in a portlet

Started by Manu, October 13, 2011, 03:08:40 pm

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Hi !

KonaKart is now running into Liferay, and i have created a new portlet with links.
I want to "refresh" the konakart portlet on the good page.

I see that 2degrees website URL are like this :

So, I create the links in my portlet like this :

<a href="<liferay:actionURL portletName="konakart_WAR_konakart" portletMode="view">
<liferay:param name="_spage" value="/SelectCat.do?catId=22"/>
<liferay:param name="catId" value="22"/>
<liferay:param name="_sorig" value="/SelectCat.do?catId=22"/>

But when I click on my link, the portlet stay on the Welcome.do page.

How tell to the portlet to call the specific action (here SelectCat.do) ? And to get parameters like catId, do i have to modify the SelectCategoryAction or it must work with the original version ?