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Error adding multiple coupons to promo

Started by tduffey, August 10, 2011, 09:45:11 pm

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We are finding that when you add a second, third, etc. coupon to a promotion, the "times_used" field gets initialized to the value of the previous coupon.

So, if I create a coupon "test1" and use it 5 times, then come back to the admin tool and add another coupon "test2" the test2 coupon thinks it has already been used 5 times (Be sure you reload the admin tool after using the first coupon and before adding the second coupon).  It's like the coupon edit form is submitting the "times_used" value for the previous coupon.

This is happening in KonaKart 5.0.0 and 5.2.0.  I didn't try a more recent version but also didn't see this particular problem listed in the release notes.

Are we doing something wrong or us this an error?



This same thing seems to be happening when adding a coupon through the main coupons page, i.e., not by first selecting a Promo and then going to Coupons.

Inside Marketing -> Coupons if I add a new coupon it ends up having the same "times_used" value as the first one in the list!



One more bit of information...it appears the "times used" is being copied from whatever coupon was previously selected in the admin UI.  So, if you select a coupon with X uses and then click new, the newly added coupon will also have X uses.  Our workaround for this problem is to make sure we have a coupon with 0 uses and always select that one first but this is far from ideal.



Thanks for reporting that. We've fixed the problem and it will be available in the next point release for supported customers (probably 3-4 weeks) as well as the next general release for the community.

One way of working around it is to use the custom engine and to customize the insertCoupon() and insertCouponForPromotion() API calls . All you need to do is to set the timesUsed attribute to 0.