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Installation Konakart on my Webserver by 1&1.de

Started by amencp, June 27, 2011, 09:49:30 pm

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Hello KonaKart Developer,

I am a new user of KonaKart and need your support in certain matters.:

want to run Konakart on my web Server by 1&1 company ander www.xxxxourpage.de/konakart. On the lokalhost ervery thing working perfekt !

*I upload the KonaKart Directory on my web server (./konakart). The mysql is installed and its empty ?

*I have no Idee how konakart will Start on the server and what of change I have to do for that ?  .

Sorry for the this questions but I have to make that very quickly for our Project.

Thanks in advance



Use a Virtual Private Hosting plan. This gives you the capability of setting up your environment yourself the way you like.


First, a question:

Is this "webserver" a rootserver(virtual, managed or "real") or just a website hosting solution?

If it is just a website solution, konakart will most likely not run on it.

Konakart is a java web application, it can only run in a servlet container such as tomcat (already included in the bundle).

The servletcontainer needs a java runtime, this has to be installed on your server. You can check the user manual for more systemrequirements

If you cannot run the installers on your server you need to populate the database manually. This could be achieved by dumping your development database, and importing the dump on your production server.

But first you should check if your 1&1 package is capable of running a servletcontainer (tomcat).