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Checkout button!!

Started by prova17, March 12, 2011, 09:10:30 am

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Hello everybody, I have a big problem!  ???
I downloaded this wonderful konakart but I think that there is a bug with the checkout button.
If I use the checkout in the menu bar it works, instead if I use the button checkout, in the cart, it doesn't work.

Somebody can help me?

Do you have some advice?

Thanks a lot


I don't know what you mean.  Both work the same for me.

Can you reproduce on our on-line demo at http://www.konakart.com/konakart/ ?

If you can please explain carefully what you think is wrong.

Also state which browser you are using.


I'm sorry but I don't speak english very well!
I tried with Firefox and IE7, with both browser the button checkout doesn't work!
As you know there are 1 checkout button on the bottom right and another checkout link on the right top of Konakrt (frontend).
If I use the link it works but if I use the checkout button it doesn't work.
I've modified the properties file (language from english to Pt), I don't know if this change can caused some problem.


Did you try the on-line demo that I mentioned?

When you say the checkout button "doesn't work" what happens?  You just click on it and nothing happens?  If so, is this just the checkout button or all buttons?


of course that I tried...
Don't worry thanks for your help!!!!
I will install again!!!