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KonaKart on Shared Hosting - Y Questions

Started by krbmedia, January 21, 2011, 09:30:20 pm

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  • I am working with a developer who installed KonaKart on a dedicated server. Having used other carts before I was surprised that it needed root access and ports being opened. Since most of my clients only use shared hosting, is there a way for this to work since those types of hosting accounts don't offer either.

  • If shared hosting is feasible, is there any way to move it to a shared hosting environment? What are the advantages (in layman's terms) for doing it the way they did it with root access, ports etc.

  • We are also having problems with the SSL since we have it using Tomkat and apache. Any thoughts?

  • Bottom line, is this too much for most people  :)


You don't need root access to install KonaKart.

You can choose the ports that you run KonaKart on but if you're running through Apache you probably have port 80 open and send KonaKart traffic to your chosen internal port which doesn't need to be opened for the outside world.

For the SSL, there are many references on the web for setting up SSL on tomcat and Apache which should help you solve that problem, whatever it is.


If you aren't familiar with setting up the infrastructure for Java applications, eApps http://www.eapps.com/applications/konakart-hosting.php provides a one-click installation of KonaKart.


I already have the site hosted so i can't move it now. Is there a place I can find a Kona expert who i can pay to fix this ssl problem?


Willing to pay for SSL help.

Also is it really safer and less prone to hacking if you route the apache to tomcat instead of just tomcat?


QuoteAlso is it really safer and less prone to hacking if you route the apache to tomcat instead of just tomcat?

Whether you front your tomcat with Apache depends on your particular requirements & circumstances.   For a low traffic site with only the tomcat traffic to serve you might find it easier to run your shop on tomcat alone.    However, there are a great many advantages in fronting your tomcat with Apache... especially in more complex configurations.  (One advantage is to move your tomcat safely behind your firewall and out of the DMZ).  An interesting article on this is:

You should be able to find a contractor with web application skills to configure your SSL..   There are numerous explanations on the web to help... eg:


I hope this makes sense

We are using Konakart with Apache tomcat on a dedicated server. The SSl is installed in Apache, and we have also tried installing it to Tomcat. The issue is that when we enable the SSL via the admin console, specifying the port number that it is on, we get a certificate not trusted error, however if we manually type in the https in the url of the browser, the cert works fine. We tried a manual reroute of the checkout page to https but when they click out of it and then back in, it goes back to http and does not route them back to https.

How should the SSl cert be installed so that when pages are routed from Apache to Tomcat, the SSL is found in the path? It seems it is finding a self signed cert when we inable it through the admin console. We cannot process payments as the bank says the checkout page has to be secure.

Sony George

the adjustments are to be done on the apache-tomcat connector, the worker.properties file and other


Is that documented anywhere that you know of? I have searched everywhere and cannot find it. I would assume that this is done quite a bit in the world of Kona, but cannot find it documented anywhere.  :'(