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Skinning, customizing

Started by vandyks, October 28, 2007, 02:51:25 pm

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Hi there,

I'm rather new at KonaKart, and would just like to know where to start the customization, changing the layout, skinning konakart, custom logos etc....

Just an idea to start would help.  ;)


Hi vandyks,

The good news here is that you have all the source that you need to tweak.

You will see all the images etc under the images directory and the stylesheet under the styles directory.   You can change quite a bit just by modifying these.  If you need to change the language you can change the message catalogs as well.

The next stage would be to modify the Struts configuration.  You can change the tiles that are displayed by changing the Struts configuration files.  It's worth becomming at least a little familiar with Struts if you don't know it, before amending the Struts config files.  Once you understand it you can make significant changes with very little effort.

Good luck,