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Questions about features in current KonaKart release...

Started by rvanderwerf, April 15, 2010, 05:06:49 pm

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I had a couple question on what KonaKart can or can not do so I can consider or eliminate it from my search:

- cybersource payment gateway support?
- plugable tax calc?
- multi currency?
- multi language frontend?
- fraud screen for transactions? (Pref cybersource)
- bad persons export check? (check govt lists of banned people/countries)
- single sign-on support?




Quote- cybersource payment gateway support?

Not delivered out of the box although we have a pluggable infrastructure for payment gateways and shipping modules and ship the source code of all of our modules which you can use as examples. We also ship a tutorial for payment modules. Many of our customers develop their own (and sometimes even contribute them). We (KonaKart) will also develop modules on customer demand. The process normally involves taking one that has already been built and modifying it slightly to adapt to the protocol of the chosen gateway

Quote- plugable tax calc?

The KonaKart tax calculations seem to work for all countries that we've come across so far. Having said this, KonaKart has a few integration points where you can insert your own tax calculations. We can go over the details off line.

Quote- multi currency?


Quote- multi language frontend?


Quote- fraud screen for transactions? (Pref cybersource)

Part of the payment gateway.

Quote- bad persons export check? (check govt lists of banned people/countries)

It would be easy enough to integrate such a service during the registration process. All KonaKart functionality is API based and we have a framework where you can add custom code before and after all API calls. This typically would be where you could add your call to the bad person service.

Quote- single sign-on support?



wow great thanks for the response! One more question, is there any support for payment via purchase order out of the box?



I'm not sure I understand this one  ??? Aren't payment terms normally specified within a purchase order? i.e. A purchase order isn't a way of paying for an order.