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BIRT reports with charts will work in one environment and not the another!

Started by Cavs123, December 13, 2009, 10:27:35 pm

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Hi there,

We installed konakart with DB2 in two different environments: test and production. In one environment, the default konakart reports worked fine with charts. In the other environment, the exact same konakart  reports failed when they contained charts. The library files are the same for both of these environments and the version of DB2 is the same. The error we got on the BIRT viewer screen was simply "class not found". When I took out the chart objects from the .rptdesign files, they worked fine (albeit without a chart).

Looking at the logs, I got an deserialization error. It was having an error trying to load the xml. BIRT tried to validate the xml version and failed. Could this be related to internet access?