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Configuration of KonaKart / Re: How do I see what SQL is being run by KonaKart?
« Last post by Brian on July 17, 2018, 10:10:09 AM »
The easiest way is to enable the log4j2 logging in the konakart-logging.xml file.

In webapps/konakart/WEB-INF/classes/konakart-logging.xml you'll find:

Code: [Select]
        <!-- KonaKart Persistence layer - Set to INFO to see the SQL (Set to TRACE to see more detail) -->
        <Logger name="com.konakart.db" level="WARN" additivity="false">
            <AppenderRef ref="STDOUT"/>
            <!-- KonaKart File Logger
            <AppenderRef ref="FILE"/>
            End of KonaKart File Logger -->

As the comment there states....   Set the level to "INFO" to see the SQL.

By default the server will monitor the changes to konakart-logging.xml and load the new configuration (the monitor frequency is defined at the top of that logging file - the number is in seconds) but in development it's often quicker just to restart tomcat (or whatever you use).

Configuration of KonaKart / How do I see what SQL is being run by KonaKart?
« Last post by smudge on July 17, 2018, 08:45:33 AM »
How do I see what SQL is being run by KonaKart?

Programming of KonaKart / Re: Eclipse project for Programming KonaKart
« Last post by Brian on July 03, 2018, 04:04:00 AM »
Yes, there is a simple way to create an Eclipse project for developing the storefront in Eclipse.

First open a command window in the custom directory of your installation:

(Showing the example on Windows where KonaKart is installed at C:\KonaKart which is the default):

You will see there are actually two Eclipse projects that can be created:

Code: [Select]
PS C:\KonaKart\custom> .\bin\kkant -p | findstr Eclipse
 make_eclipse_project                     Create an Eclipse Project for Developing the Struts-2 Storefront
 make_eclipse_wizard_project              Create an Eclipse Project for Developing the Product Creation Wizard

For developing the storefront you need to run the make_eclipse_project target

When you run the make_eclipse_project target note the additional comments displayed at the end:

Code: [Select]
PS C:\KonaKart\custom> .\bin\kkant make_eclipse_project
Buildfile: C:\KonaKart\custom\build.xml
Trying to override old definition of task javac

     [echo] Create an Eclipse Project for Developing the Struts-2 Storefront
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\appEngEE\src
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\src
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\build\classes
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\licenses
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\resources
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\WebContent
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\src\com\konakart\bl\modules\others
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\src\com\konakartadmin\modules\others
     [copy] Copying 2 files to C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse
     [copy] Copying 581 files to C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\src
     [copy] Copying 28 files to C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\resources
     [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\licenses
     [copy] Copying 1551 files to C:\KonaKart\custom\kkeclipse\WebContent
     [echo] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
     [echo] Eclipse Project Created on disk - called kkeclipse
     [echo] Start Eclipse
     [echo] Create a tomcat server (see 'Servers' in Eclipse)
     [echo] Move the kkeclipse directory to another location for development if you wish
     [echo] Import the kkeclipse project using 'Import existing projects into Workspace'
     [echo] Assign a server for kkeclipse to use (define server under Project Properties)
     [echo] Edit, Debug and Run the KonaKart Storefront in Eclipse!
     [echo] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The numbers of files copied shown in the output will differ depending on the version of KonaKart.

Programming of KonaKart / Eclipse project for Programming KonaKart
« Last post by smudge on July 03, 2018, 02:01:59 AM »
Is there an Eclipse project for programming the KonaKart storefront?
How do I load the source code into Eclipse for easy development of the storefront?
Configuration of KonaKart / Re: Cannot view system logs
« Last post by Brian on June 19, 2018, 04:14:26 AM »
You don't see that view logs button enabled because of a new default level of security introduced in v8.8.0.0.

There are other features disabled by default after the installation and a way to define "permitted locations" for file uploads.  These were all introduced to tighten security.

Take a look at the for details.

For the View logs button to become enabled you would have to set:

konakart.api.getFileContents.enabled = true

(in webapps/konakartadmin/WEB-INF/classes/

Configuration of KonaKart / Cannot view system logs
« Last post by johnny-le-garcon on June 19, 2018, 03:08:32 AM »
I have upgraded to v8.8.1.0 from v7.1.1.0 and I have found that I can't view the system logs in the Admin Console.  The View button is not enabled.  The role settings for the Admin User I am using should allow it to be used.

How do I enable that?
Programming of KonaKart / Re: Best APIs to use?
« Last post by Brian on June 13, 2018, 06:58:33 AM »
Just in case you were unaware....   We also provide the same APIs through JAXWS  - this is in addition to the Axis 1.4 SOAP APIs.

Nowadays it seems that the JSON APIs are the most popular for the remote calls.
Programming of KonaKart / Re: Best APIs to use?
« Last post by julie on June 13, 2018, 05:44:23 AM »
If you are connecting to the KonaKart engine from a Java program running in the same application server webapp, then I would use the POJO APIs.

If you are connecting to the KonaKart engine from a Java program running on another server or a different webapp of the same server, then I would use the JSON APIs, which are almost as fast. You don't actually have to construct the JSON because you can make Java calls to com.konakart.json.KKJSONEng (which adheres to the same interface as and the JSON plumbing is looked after for you.

If you are communicating using a JavaScript application then we have a JavaScript library called jquery.konakart-x.x.x.x.js that converts our standard API calls into JSON messages and sends them to the KonaKart engine over AJAX.

We also have facilitators to simplify the task of connecting to KonaKart using a .Net application using the JSON APIs.

For any other technology I would also recommend JSON.
Programming of KonaKart / Best APIs to use?
« Last post by smudge on June 13, 2018, 05:30:06 AM »
I see that you have POJO, SOAP, RMI and JSON APIs. If I'm just getting started which ones would you recommend I use?
Miscellaneous / Re: Multiple coupons for an Order
« Last post by Richter on March 10, 2018, 02:53:48 AM »
Hi Julie, does this mean coupon stacking is possible? I always thought you could use just one.
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