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Hi All

I'm facing some issues on Konakart Liferay 7 integration, they are as follows:

Konakart Admin: On the Admin app I'm having following issues:

  • After integrating with Liferay 7 most of the time the chart on My Store Status page is not being displayed, it's appearing like attached image mystorechart.PNG. I noticed that if standalone Konakart Admin is running, the chart is being displayed inside Liferay. I can't figure out the reason for such behavior.

  • For the payment module I need to integrate iPay88, is it possible? If so, how to do that?

  • For Shipping also I need to integrate Malaysian courier services, is it possible?

Konakart Storefront: On the Storefront app I can't login with the Liferay user that I already used for Konakart Admin. I found that Konakart automatically added the user in customers table but while trying to login from Storefront, I can't. Please see the attached image storefront_login.PNG.

Could some one help me solve these issues? Thanks


Programming of KonaKart / Re: How to search order by partial customerName
« Last post by julie on September 01, 2017, 09:59:27 AM »
In the AdminOrderSearch object you can set the search rule:

public void setCustomerNameRule(int customerNameRule)

The rule for the search. Valid values are:
Programming of KonaKart / How to search order by partial customerName
« Last post by giacomokk on August 28, 2017, 10:45:28 AM »
Hi, i'm triyng to search an order by "customer name" using the "AdminOrderSearch" class setting a value for the "customerName" property.

I see that it works only if i search with the complete customer name: firstname + lastname (e.g. "Mario Rossi"), and it does not work if i search for only a partial lastname (e.g. "Ross").

Printing the konakart mysql queries log i see that konakart executes a query with the equal "=" symbol (e.g. "select * from orders where customer_name = 'Ross' ") and not with "like" expression (e.g. "select * from orders where customer_name like '%Ross%' ").

How can i solve this issue?



In the configuration table set the configuration_value in the row with configuration_key = 'API_CALL_SECURITY' to false.
how to resolve this issue. I am not able to login to konakart admin. Is there any table where I can update any field.
The solution is to set this fields as null:


Now i can get the addresses.
I think that is better if someone add this part to konakart documentation  ;)

Hi, yes i've tried in this way:

AdminAddressSearch aas = new AdminAddressSearch();
AdminAddressSearchResult aasResult = adminEng.getAddresses(sessionId, aas, 0, 100);
AdminAddress[] addresses = aasResult.getAddresses();

but the result is the same: empty array.

How can i solve the problem?
You should use the AdminApi call
Code: [Select]
public AdminAddressSearchResult getAddresses(String sessionId, AdminAddressSearch search,
            int offset, int size) throws KKAdminException;
Hi, i'm trying to get all defined addresses for a customer using the AdminCustomer class method "getAddresses". but it always return "null". I'm sure that the customer has more than one addresses stored in the db table address_book.

Can you help me?



Programming of KonaKart / Re: Login with mobile number.
« Last post by julie on July 20, 2017, 02:19:21 AM »
We released it yesterday.
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