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December 03, 2023, 07:48:27 pm

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I get the following error, when uploading a product image.

There has been a problem with the upload
Exception Message = Access to file:/E:/myshop/webapps/konakart/images/prod/F/F/2/5/FF252FEA-5071-4812-BFD0-D1AC66606F1D_1_UPLOADED.jpg is not permitted []

My DB is named myshop and also the base directory is myshop. The rest is default

What can I do?

Programming of KonaKart / Hide konakart in URL link
January 11, 2021, 01:47:12 am

When I use Store front, I see always something like this:


I do not want to see konakart. I want like this:


Just this seems to be the root of the website.

How can I configure this? Maybe with a hide a part of the link. Can you help me?


I use IDR as default currency. The currency is at the moment approx 17000 (1 Euro). If I set IDR as default and that currency field is 1, then I have to set the currency field for Euro on 0.0000588235 (1/17000). With the current setting in the Database (15,6), it is not possible to set the correct currency. I changed the field in 15,10. Thats working, the prices are displayed correctly in the Storefront. But when I edit the currency in the Admin.Currency tool, the give currency wil be stripped again to 6 digits after the decimal. Somewhere in a class or source (AdminCurrencyMgr) this happens.

How can I change it to put a currency like 0.9123456789? Better if Konakart use the default currency field as "per currency value". Let say the currency value would be 10000, and in my example the Euro currency would be 0.588235. So no DB change is needed.

a) Can you change in a class or source that there is no stripping for 6 digits after the decimal separator?


b) Can you change the default currency field ad "per currency value"?

For now I have to change the currencies directly in the Database. Not handy.


I changed C:\Konakart\webapps\konakart\WEB-INF\classes\Messages_en.properties, and also for the other languages. Added:
my.returns.page.message=This is the Return field

I changed C:\KonaKart\custom\appn\src\com\konakart\actions\ReturnsAction.java. Changed the line:
returnsContent = kkAppEng.getMsg("common.add.info");
returnsContent = kkAppEng.getMsg("my.returns.page.message");

I installed Eclipse, installed Tomcat 9,created kkeclipse within Konakart, imported kkeclipse.

when I run the project, I see the storefront, but no changes in the Returns or AboutUs fields.
Did a clean project and build project. Again no difference in AboutUs ir Returns.

How do I compile the new java sources in Eclips? I do not see the changed java scripts in the project. Where in Eclips should be the sources? so it build the right new storefront.

I only want the new compiled AbiutUsAction.java. I can inject it in the jar kobakart-custom9.4.0 jar.

what are the right steps?


Installed Eclipse, Tomcat 9.0 server, create kkeclipse and imported in Eclipse. When run I get the following error (see att.)error.txt.

How can I run Konakart in Eclips?
Configuration of KonaKart / HTTP Status 500 error
December 09, 2020, 01:44:38 am
When I set Enable KonaKart Content in the Administration tool and I startup the Konakart UI client, program crashes immediately in the MainLayout.JSP. See att error.txt.

It is a standard installation on Windows 10 and XAMPP

Thanks for any answers.
How do I change the content text for for instance AboutUs or Returns? I can change it in the AboutUsBody.jsp, but thats not likely the idea of content management. I change some text fields in the database (text) in Content id23, but when I startup the Konakart client and I click on About Us or Returns, I do not see the text in AboutUs field or in Returns field.

So how can I change this text in the database, and see the result in the Konakart client?

Programming of KonaKart / Using API (how)
December 06, 2020, 09:20:20 am
In chapter 10 from the user manual, section text content, the following line is written:

"Once the content text is defined you can access it from the storefront using the KonaKart APIs and selecting the required content by specifying its Content Id which is automatically assigned when the content is created."

I do not understand this. "Access from the storefront using the APIs and selecting the content".

Can someone please give me an example step by step how to do this? I am not familiar with this.

Programming of KonaKart / Want to change phonenumber
December 05, 2020, 01:16:43 am

New at Konakart. Know to write a little in HTML and CSS. When I start up the Konakart UI client, I see in the footer the Konakart email and phonenumber. I only find by search in "Footer_jsp.java" the phonenumber. Many other things I find in these *.java scripts, such as "SelectProd.action", showing banners on the homepage. But all these files are *.java.

I suppose I have to build the files in one way to get a new jsp or whatever. Can someone help me out a little bit, how I change the phonenumber and/or how I build new files, so I can see the changes in the client? Something to do with build.xml and the command ANT? Never done this, so please explain and teach me a little.


I use Windows 10 and XAMPP (for tomcat) and Konkart version 9.4 (latest).