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Configuration of KonaKart / Konakart Admin App
March 24, 2007, 07:21:56 am
First of all let me say congrats on the launch of the new admin app.

I had downloaded it and used it for a few hours today. Its great. I encountered a few hicups mainly coz i was using my old database and some of the new config parameters were not present like the product images was not displaying. I added the image base fields into the configuration table and it started to work.  :)

Overall great effort guys. This app was very much needed to go along with the konakart application.  8)

Will test it further and keep posting comments.



How do i resize the boxes on the left and right side of the pages? For example the Categories Box.


Configuration of KonaKart / Installing Paypal
February 25, 2007, 11:25:51 am

I'v tried installing the paypal payment method using the osCommerce Admin but for some reason the paypal payment method is not showing on the payment screen of the checkout process. I assume i need to do some configuring on the konakart side to make it work.

Some help would be really appreciated.

I am familar with Struts and JSPs and might just need a push in the right direction to get going.

Just another question while im still here. If i want to compile the konakart application, which IDE can i use? Can i use a particular IDE or will i have to complie it individually. I have used Struts in Netbeans.



i just downloaded konakart a few days back..n its a very good online shopping cart application..thumbs up:-)

It took me a while to configure and run the back end (osCommerce Admin Application) , buts its finally working (A good java based admin application would be great). Im using Apache Web Sever 2.2.4, PHP 5.2.1(for osCommerce Admin), Java 5 and MySQL 5.0.24a and i believe Apache Tomcat is bundled with konakart.

Everythings working great except when adding images for a new product. As stated earlier im using osCommerce Admin. The new product gets added fine, but the image for the product does not display on the webpage of the newly added product.

Has anyone tried adding a new product and have encounted the same problem?


Shaheem.   :(