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Programming of KonaKart / Customize Theme problem
September 04, 2008, 11:51:54 am
I changed a lot of jsp pf konakart to adapt to the corporation look and feel, but I didn't found where to change order confirmations, and email asking screens. I also look into .vm. Where can I found thos jsp (or templates)?

Thanks in advance.
Feature Requests / Re: LDAP and Active Directory support
September 04, 2008, 11:48:33 am
Hi, I noticed that login class does not validate when you check out, I mean, if you do login then you can override login class, but when you check out without loggin when konakart ask you your e-mail addres does not check against login class, and allowa you to create an accoun. Is there any way that this can be avoid?

Thanks in advance.
I found a way, thank you anyways!
Thanks, now I'm stuck again.
I get mail from our portal server, then I pass it to konakart if email and password match, then I check for EmailExisting, if not then i create a user other else I return logonAttempts.

The problem becomes when I check for email existing, the executions stops and the debugs returns a null pointer error. In order to create an account I put  :

import com.konakart.app.CustomerRegistration;
import com.konakart.appif.CustomerRegistrationIf;
import com.konakart.appif.KKEngIf;

and for initilization I copied it from BasicApiExample:

    static protected void init() throws ClassNotFoundException, InstantiationException,
            IllegalAccessException, KKException

         * Instantiate a KonaKart Engine instance
        Class engineClass = Class.forName("com.konakart.app.KKEng");
        eng = (KKEngIf) engineClass.newInstance();

         * Login with default credentials
        sessionId = eng.login(DEFAULT_USERNAME, DEFAULT_PASSWORD);

I'm not sure if this init() it's called or if this overrides the LoginMgr, or if I'm mistaken, and don't see the error.

Thanks in advance again.
Hi, I'm working for a company that has IBm websphere as portal server, there's any chance that you can release a builder for that platform. we are trying to make websphere run apache struts, (IBM has its own), but if there were a build config for that platform will be easier.

Thanks a lot.
Hi again,
I wrote the LDAP class and chek for users, if the parameters match then I return "1" if not i return "-1", the question it's about the login process, because LDAP class logs in with username not by email, but when I log in a message shows uo saying that the email was not found. As I read on documentation afeter your own class grants, you sould be log in with a valid id session, but that does not happen. What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help me, please?

Thank you ind advance.
Hi, thanks, before you post this i enabled DEBUG options on konakart_loggin.protperties. In the console said that cannot found the new class, I put it on the same folder that LoginIntegrationMgr are, am I doing something wrong, i have to compile it on a jar file? if this java file it's instantiated on the fly should work, but don't, or may be I have just to put it on the correct folder.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance!
Hi, right now I'm workling on LDAP integration, I wrote a LoginIntegrationMgrLDAP class, but unfortunately seems that don't work, how can I be sure if the class has been instantiated correctly? (I change in security the login class to to my own). I tried to return a negative value to make it fail, but still logs in. Any recomendation beside FAQ information?

Note: I'm using novell ldap classes.

Many thanks!