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October 01, 2022, 04:38:05 pm

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I need to recreate this store by cloning another one, that's why I need to delete it. Or is there alternative solution to achieve that?
I would need to delete a store and create a fresh new one with the same store ID.

The "Delete" button in the "Store maintenance" panel marks the store as deleted but it remains in the database and it's impossible to create a new store with the same ID.

Is there a way to actually remove a store from Konakart database?
Ok, I understand now that points are actually awarded when the order moves into "Payment Received" status.

Thank you for the help.
Thank you julie. In fact I just noticed that redeemed points are correctly deleted but the issue is with reward points which are not granted.
I have enabled Reward Points in my application (following http://www.konakart.com/docs/RewardPoints.html).

When making an order I can successfully set redeem points and see the number of points awarded (in the order totals), but the amount of points of the customer is never updated, even when the order is actually created in Konakart.

When is this update supposed to happen ? Is it automatically managed by Konakart or must it be done manually ?
ShippingQuoteIf objects have a title and a description. But in the Shipping module UI I don't see any field to set them.

When calling ShippingMgrIf.getShippingQuotes() all the shipping quotes have the same title & description and I don't know where these values come from.

Where can they be configured?
Is it possible to find the product associated with a specific OrderTotal (in case of product discount promotions for instance)?

I know that the product name is contained in the OrderTotal's title, but I'd need to have the product ID. Is there any way to retrieve it?