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This is the section dedicated to questions about programming KonaKart.

One of KonaKart's strengths is the availability of an extensive range of flexible open APIs that allow you to control KonaKart in many different ways.   All of the demonstration applications on the KonaKart web site and in the download packages use these APIs.

There are direct Java APIs and SOAP APIs.

WSDL is available at: (Application SOAP interface)
and: (Admin Application SOAP Interface)

If you download and install KonaKart, you can access your local copies of these WSDL descriptions at:
http://localhost:8780/konakart/services/KKWebServiceEng?wsdl (Application SOAP interface)
http://localhost:8780/konakartadmin/services/KKWSAdmin?wsdl (Admin Application SOAP Interface)

Before posting, please check:

* the FAQs about the KonaKart APIs:
* known problems with your particular release:

Where is the description where to store my own extended code from the API and how to config to make it work?

Take a look at .

I have seen that there is an event api for listening for user logins; however, to perform integration with other systems (Ex: LDAP/SSO), I need an event that get's fired when a user is created the first time as well as updated.  Does anyone know if such an event exists that can be overriden.

Secondly, are there plans for SSO integration in the short/midterm roadmap?

Thanks for any help.

Take a look at


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