Gift Registries

Gift Registry functionality can be enabled in the Configuration>>Store Configuration section of the Admin App. Once enabled, the store front application will display Wedding List functionality. Note that it is relatively straightforward to customize the store front application to handle other types of gift registries such as birthday lists.

Only a registered customer can create a wedding list after logging into the application by clicking a link in the Wedding List section of the My Account page. The wedding list can be made public or private and once created, the shipping address and other details may be modified by clicking the edit link that will appear in the Wedding List section of the My Account page.

Products can be added to the wedding list by navigating to the product details page and clicking on the add to wedding list link. Note that you will see a link for each wedding list that you have created and the link will contain the name of the list. Once a product has been added to the list, you may modify the priority and the quantity desired attribute.

Any shopper can search for a public wedding list by clicking the Wedding Lists link at the top of the screen next to the Cart Contents and Checkout links. If no constraints are entered, all wedding lists are found and can be paged through. Otherwise constraints such as the wedding date or name of bride etc. can be used to narrow down the search. Once a wedding list has been found, you may click on it's name in order to see the list of gifts sorted by priority. You may select one or more gifts and add them to the cart, ready for checkout. When gifts are added to the cart from this screen, the system will ensure that the wedding list is updated with quantity received (once the order has been paid for) and the default shipping address will be the address of the wedding list. During the checkout process, you can change the shipping address if you desire.