Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a worldwide home-improvement and gardening retailer with over 44,000 employees.

KonaKart has been tastefully deployed by Leroy Merlin (Spain) to sell their extensive range of about 35,000 products. Faceted search is cleverly used to help customers quickly find the products with the features that they’re looking for. They take advantage of a wide range of the powerful features of KonaKart such as product bundles, up-selling/cross-selling and configurable products to enhance the experience of their 20million+ visits per year.

“Three years ago we selected a flexible and extensible tool to do a startup project. We believed that KonaKart had the key features to grow with our roadmap. Today I may say that we have discovered that the best feature we found in KonaKart is their help and support .”

- Jesus Garcia Rodriguez, Head of Internet Technology, Leroy Merlin, Spain

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